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How many kilowatts of electricity does a PV panel generate in a year?

The world is rich in solar energy resources. Apart from the macro events of the PV industry, let’s go back to the micro PV panels. If someone suddenly asks you how many kilowatt-hours of electricity a PV panel can generate in a year? Probably many people would be stunned, yes, how much is it? This brings us to two determinants of PV power generation.

Firstly, the power generated by the PV panel.

Secondly, the area where the PV panels are installed.

In the same area, the higher the power of the photovoltaic panels, the shorter the time it takes to generate 1 degree of electricity, and the higher the amount of electricity generated in a day.

Photovoltaic panels, there is sunlight to generate electricity. So, no electricity can be generated at night. Similarly, in windy, foggy, rainy or snowy weather, little electricity is generated. This means that photovoltaic power generation is closely related to the area of installation. Different resource areas with the same type of photovoltaic panels will produce different amounts of electricity. Some places have an inherent advantage due to the abundance of light.

To calculate an average, a PV panel can generate almost 400 kWh of electricity a year (theoretical value).

Why is this a theoretical value? This is because, in addition to the power generated by the PV panel and the area where it is installed (equivalent annual hours of use), PV power generation is also subject to external factors, such as the angle and orientation of the installation, the local climate, the material of the connection lines, and surface obstructions.

The installation of PV panels requires the angle and orientation of the installation in order for the panels to receive sufficient light to be of maximum use. If the installation is haphazard, people have an angle, you lie flat placed; people sit north facing south, you sit south facing north, and scientific deviation, but not affect the power generation!

Rainfall, snowfall, long time haze, dust storms and so on, even the sun can not see, and then the good photovoltaic panels can not generate electricity.

If you use poor quality cables and other lines, the electricity generated is secretly leaking out, and it is useless to generate more, and it is also easy to have accidents. This shows the importance of the material.

Photovoltaic panels should be cleaned from time to time. For example, if there are large trees or tall houses near the photovoltaic panels, the total light is not even a few hours, so how to fully generate electricity. This is the problem of siting. Or, the local sandy wind, only to install photovoltaic panels, but not carefully maintained, the panels are covered with dust, also can not fully generate electricity.

All of the above are factors that affect photovoltaic power generation, so in order to generate more power, you also need to take care of the maintenance oh ~